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What Everyone Ought To Know About Yoga For Kids

Yoga can be done by anyone, young, old, even kids. With a little help, even toddlers can do it. Even though it’s simply introduction to yoga and done with a little bit of game playing, it doesn’t mean that kids cannot get the benefit out of this particular sport. The benefits are : To Be Healthier & Help Obesity In Children – By taking yoga class, kids are triggered to move. Nowadays, because of the computer games, […]

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Three Reasons You Should Not Do Headstand

SIRSHASANA – (THE HEADSTAND) : The Headstand is called the King of all asanas because of having tremendous benefits for the body and the mind. All our physical and mental activities are governed by the brain which is the seat of intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, discrimination and power. As the Headstand increases the blood flow to the brain it revitalises the entire body and the mind and also regenerates the nervous system. When the reversed flow of blood […]

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